The Closer...etc.

Now including all my favorite shows, but never forgetting Brenda & Fritz <3

R&I 5x11: Maura Isles in Proenza Schouler printed half-sleeve dress. (requested by @scullystardis

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THE CONTINUITY!!!!!!! Maura getting drugged.


Oh my god I hate them all tonight!! So on top of them both wearing skirts, and Maura and the arms, they went and added ponytail Maura? They are just being Hella rude tonight.

Challenge accepted!! I’d like to nominate @mcgregor_ewan @MaggieQ @DylanMcDermott @realmonaghan! Please be sure to donate to the cause as well. #alsicebucketchallenge (x)


How to look cute while a bucket of ice gets thrown over you.. a story by sasha alexander